Aberrant Path – Demo reviews

aberrantpath_032707_adeatho1A Death of Reason to Come Demo MC 2005
A very energetic display of US black metal with hints of German and Swedish underground blackness fueling the pistons of Minnesota’s Aberrant Path. This demo contains 4 tracks of mainly fast material that offers many shifts in intensity and breakdowns so that the tremolo riffstorm doesn’t become too overbearing. The fast picking at times feels spastic, if not urgent, but some well-defined melodies arise from the chaos before A.P. settles for more of a mid-paced dissonance to pile on the misanthropic feelings of isolation. A human drummer is a nice touch, as it gives this material a very live feel. Reverb soaked screams retch off in the distance and seem to adhere to their own rhythmic delivery, rather than follow the riffs verbatim. This gives the music more dimension and the underground sense of uneasiness that I happen to appreciate in good underground black metal. This demo is certainly nothing original, but the material feels well-written and there is a lot of promise on display.

aberrantpath_032707_windsth1The Winds that Defy God 2006 Demo CDr
Even though the production on this 2 song effort possesses a lot more low end and depth, the levels seem a bit shotty in comparison to the MC. The riffs remain interesting, but feel a lot choppier along with a definite thrash influence entering the mix. Still this sounds like the same band, but perhaps the songs were rushed a bit more, or just not developed enough. There are a lot of sloppy ideas here floating in and out of semblance. On the positive side, it does inject an aura of chaos to make this material seem more “unstable”, but on the other hand, it also points to a level of unprepared musicians coming in to record… just bashing it out live to get the material down. I still like what I’m hearing, for there are what seems to be some original riff ideas on display, but Aberrant Path seem like they took a step backwards on this 2 song demo, coming off as a lot less mature in their songwriting capabilities. Still worth checking out though for those of you rabid for the demo action. -Marty

Band Contact: Aberrantpath@hotmail.com

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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