Azoikum – A Collection Of Corpses Vol. 1

up_050304_azoikumThis is a 5 CDR boxed collection from this German Power Electronics/Death Industrial project, who is also the man also behind Narbenerde. The cassettes re-issued here were all originally on Chaos Tapes: “Wahnsinn” originally released in 1997 and limited to 50 copies; “Funny Games” released in 1998 and limited to 50; “Dedicated To Jeffrey Dahmer” also 1998 but limited to a mere 25; and finally “Mentally Ill” also 1998 and limited to 50 copies. The fifth component to this collection is called “Decayed and Fresh” and pulls together some compilation tracks with 5 previously unreleased tracks. The box set itself is limited to 150 copies. Sonically Azoikum incorporates all the elements of the noise underground really; Dark Ambient passages, burning frequency Power Electronics with and without his savage vocals, throbbing and churning Death Industrial atmospheres, Harsh Noise eruptions and so on. I have most of these cassettes from when they came out originally because I was always fond of the depth and detail Azoikum worked into their compositions and that fact that it was usually a pretty well rounded listen. It’s a project that also didn’t shy away from doing longer tracks at times. It’s nice to see all of this material re-issued for those that may have missed it the first time around because it still holds up really well and provides and excellent overview of the projects early recordings. There are 48 songs total on “A Collection of Corpses Vol. 1” and I know there are plans to release at least one more similar edition as well. There is just too much music here to delve into that many specifics, but this is not a collection of 5 discs of the same thing over and over rest assured. There are many moods and styles represented within a single release and over the length of the collection as a whole, and it’s executed and mixed well, with strong production. Each disc comes in a slip sleeve with color stickers bearing the appropriate release info and then packaged together in a cardboard CD mailer type box. Not sure what the price is on this puppy, but I’d wager it’s worth it. – Scott


~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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