Abominant – Conquest

up_110104_abominantBeen sitting on this one for a while to absorb the ever-impressive growth and songwriting ability of the long running Abominant. Long running indeed, for this band is one of the sole survivors from the Wild Rags days and each album they have birthed since those years has been a steady increase of power and all encompassing realization of many metal styles. The most noticeable element of diversity is the open minded and adventurous vocal style of Mike Barnes. From dank guttural moans, harsh demonic shrieks and more of a triumphant form of pitch power metal singing, Mike’s vocal delivery is very energetic and adds a deeper dimension to the harmonically bloated music soaring beneath him. On “Conquest”, the music really stands out as Abominant’s most deadly strike, for they kill us all with a fresh level of brutality, but deliver it encased in a riff/hook hungry vessel that beats with the lifeblood of twin guitar harmonies and other such highly developed song building blocks. This careful attention to detail and musical maturity easily sets this band leagues ahead of the largely boring brutal death scene here in the US. “Conquest” further benefits from a booming production were every note and drum fill detonates off of the CD, filling the listener with anxiety, madness and a lust for even more such tasteful death metal. The tempo variety and movement in a vast majority of these songs really is a breath of fresh air. Often times it seems like this band has been overlooked… I don’t know if it has been due to the smaller nature of labels they have worked with, or the fact that they aren’t the type of band that is able to tour the planet to push their music in the drunken faces of a seemingly desensitized fan base, but I’m hear to tell you that Kentucky’s Abominant are one of the good bands out there worth closer inspection and support. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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