Baptism – The Beherial of Midnight

qb_22403_baptismThe Finnish horde is ever growing and perverting an ancient form of black metal to fit their own evil deeds. In the lo-fi vein of Satanic Warmaster and Clandestine Blaze (though not as potent to these ears), Baptism is a 2 man entity that creates simplistic, often melodic, yet always caustic blackness that uses occasional speed and mid paced dominant rhythms to create no frills aggression. Definitely predictable, but this is a genre that I often listen to for the easy atmosphere and melodious dissonance that cult black metal excels at creating. It just sounds right to me and full of hatred for living. Baptism certainly aren’t doing anything groundbreaking on “The Beherial of Midnight”, but keeping in tune with the musical aesthetic gaining more of a foothold in their country, I’m sure they really don’t care. Baptism are pure in their dedication to traditional BM and I for one appreciate the honesty and overall sound of this 9 track shot of unholy blasphemy. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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