Addicted – The Dose

This is a 3 song self released MCD from this French unit. I’m not sure I can cleanly pigeon hole this for you. The music mixes elements of Metalcore, Heavy Rock, some blast beats, pseudo Doom, old Thrash and even some Punk. Yet given all of that it somehow manages to not sound terribly unique. The vocals are of the raspy scream variety, and work pretty well most of the time, though at others don’t quite fit the music. There are moments when I think this is pretty good, and at others it seems pretty awful. All in the span of three songs mind you. Ultimately I can see this as one of those bands that gets popular and no one understands why when they really think about it. For as many different elements that are here, it’s not a disjointed or experimental release on the surface, it still manages to sound like it’s part of some well established path. I’m confused. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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