Behold… The Arctopus – Arctopocalypse Now… Warmageddon Later

up_041204_beholdarchtopusThe only problem with this release is that it’s too short. At 2 songs, 11 minutes, the drool has just begun to coagulate in my mouth when the (3″!) disc stops spinning. This kind of stuff is heaven for me, as there are few musical phenomena more likely to please my ears than overtly technical heavy music, and Behold… the Arctopus fit that bill perfectly, as they resemble “math metal” like Dysrhythmia, The Fucking Champs and The Kickass having a fight with a cracked-out post 70’s King Crimson. A trio consisting of guitarist Mike Lerner, drummer Charlie Zeleny, and “super guitar” (sometimes known as Chapman Stick or Warr Guitar) player Colin Marston, Behold… the Arctopus are pushing the envelope of instrumental chops-driven heavy music. Somehow they manage to be simultaneously more technical than the oft-referenced Dillinger Escape Plan and heavier than the aforementioned “math metal” bands. Despite sometimes playing 3 “eads” at once, the music never seems cluttered or clashing, and the 3 musicians play together quite well, leaving space for one another when appropriate. This 11 minute mini-cd goes a long way toward establishing Behold… the Arctopus as one of the leading bands in the “technical for technicality’s sake” school of metal. Part jazz, part hard rock, and part metal – I call for an Arctopocalypse Now! – Aaron J. Klamer

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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