Axis of Advance – Obey

up_121304_axisofadvanceFor those of you out there who are not yet familiar with Canada’s Axis Of Advance, shame on you. My first exposure to this band of militant psychos came from a tape trade back in 1999. When I heard the brief “Landline” MCD that was dubbed for me I knew this band would soon become an unstoppable beast, and in my opinion, they have. This is their third full-length since that initial MCD and they continue to impress with their spastic drumming, rabid and intense vocal bursts, and a newly beefed up guitar tone that would not feel out of place on any of your early 90’s Swedish classics. I can easily see some people comparing Axis Of Advance to Conqueror or Revenge, but I don’t like that comparison because I feel that this material is far superior to anything those two bands have done. One of the main reasons I feel that way is because of the experimentation that is allowed to take place within Axis Of Advance that is not allowed in those other projects because they have the strict limitations of the war metal genre placed upon them. I would instead say that Axis Of Advance has some of the same qualities and appeal that bands like Stargazer, Sacramentary Abolishment and Voivod have. If you are looking for something that is a bit outside of the conventional box yet still able to retain all the heaviness and intensity that underground metal should offer, look no further. – Lance Rogers

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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