Agalloch/Nest – Split

up_092704_agalloch_nestThis is a split 10″ picture disc, and a nice picture disc at that, with one track from each project. The record comes with two postcards with the respective track information on them. The Agalloch track is called “The Wolves Of Timberline” and follows the more Neo-Folk side of the project. It’s an introspective instrumental of acoustic melody, cello, mandolin and windswept atmosphere. Nest’s track is called “Last Vestige of Old Joy” (I believe, the title and logo kinda blend together). This track features J. Haughm on vocals, and the distinctive acoustic guitar work of D. Anderson, both from Agalloch, added to the more traditional instruments and synth work of Nest. I wasn’t familiar with Nest until then, and initially I saw this really as a glorified Agalloch track given the presence of so much of that band in it. After further listens the traditional instruments and general feeling of history and age that they ad, does give the Nest piece a unique feel that is not as similar to Agalloch as I had originally perceived. It’s a very nicely done Ancient-Folk sort of feel that keeps the vocals to the middle of the mix rather than out front. Limited to 1000, so don’t wait. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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