Argile – The Monotonous Moment of a Monologue

qb_90803_argileArgile is a side project of S.A.S de L’Argiliere of the French band Misanthrope, in which he indulges his Into the Pandemonium worship along with his inner thespian. L’Argiliere brings along Jean-Jacques Moreac from his main band to perform bass, drums, keyboards, and guitars, with himself handling vocals and some guitar solos. As if it weren’t obvious enough from the music, “Into The Pandemonium” is written all over Argile’s bio, and they’re obviously meant as practically a tribute to that avant-garde, influential, and pompous album. That being said they do offer their own original flair on the style, even throwing in a cover of Darkthrone’s “In the Shadow of the Horns” sung in French. This version in no way approaches the original, but it’s kind of cool to hear. There are some other doom and metal influences present, and the result is a decent dark metal album which is often marred by dramatic pretension and transparently obvious stylistic nods. The Monotonous Moment of a Monologue has good credentials, being recorded at Studio Fredman and released by Holy Records, but it doesn’t do much for me. Then again, I’m not that big a fan of “Into The Pandemonium”. – Aaron J. Klamer

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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