Agathocles – Alive & Mincing

up_083004_agathoclesFrom one of the most prolific projects this side of Merzbow we get 28 tracks recorded live in Germany in September of 2000. Given their amount of releases is actually more difficult to have not heard this band than to have heard them, but for those that haven’t, Agathocles play the furious Punkified Grind. Short no frills tracks, raw and simple with a dual vocal attack of shrieks and growls. They have been at it for years and distilled the style to its primitive essence. “Alive & Mincing” features a pretty decent recording, definitely live and a bit on the treble side, but everything is listenable and enjoyable once your ears make the adjustment. Maybe not the first release you’d want if you haven’t heard them because it’s live, but definitely worth checking out once you have familiarized yourself. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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