Animas Herilis – Recipere Ferum

animus-herilis_052206_recipWhat can you expect when you hear a band is from France? Pretty much anything. “Recipere Ferum” is proof of that. The cover offers view of a sick looking cloaked statue with one arm raised toward the sky and another clasping a staff… a good image to have in hand before the first chord strikes. Starting off with very primitive riffs before exploding into more virtuous paths and thrash riffs (especially on “Virus Celeste”), “Recipere Ferum” obviously has more to offer than the anti-evolution approach stated in their bio. The guitars have a warm, mid-ranged sound to them and move into a lot of fairly traditional arrangements within a post-black/thrash framework. “L’autre Monde” begins the album perfectly in that it shows glimpses at everything that is to come in the more stylistically focused songs found later in this work. Furious grinding chords and leads played very smoothly in accordance with the percussion and bass. The vocals are buried perfectly for an emphasis on the work itself. Apparently this band has existed for 13 years even though their first demo didn’t come out until 8 years after their inception. We can only presume that they will use their experience and dedication to continue on the same path. I see nothing but good things happening here. – TRA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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