As All Die – Germanic Tales

qb_81103_asalldieThis is a 3″ CDR release featuring three new tracks from this ever evolving project. “Germanic Tales” abandons the apocalyptic folk dominance found on the Crowd Control Activities full length “Time of War & Conflict” in favor of cryptic, militant leaning Dark Noise. “Children of the Northern Lands” opens the release with mournful tonal drifts and distant timpani beats providing the camouflage for subtle whispered vocals. “Radios Are Down In London Tonight” is next, beginning with a snarl of frequencies that cascade, into a din of far away bells, gunfire, explosions and a lethargic synth melody to build a soot choked vision of unhurried war. “Funeral March” ends the release with sweeping synths and spoken word dissertation, I was a little surprised that there aren’t actually any “march” elements to the track. It instead elects a more disembodied approach to the electronics, it’s a bit more spacious and uses less foreboding tones than the previous two cuts. “Radios Are Down…” is the stand out here, and shows a lot of promise for what is yet another turn in the road for As All Die. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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