Overkill – Killbox 13

up_031504_overkillI have been a faithful worshiper of Overkill since the “Feel the Fire” days and even though their career has seen its share of ups and downs (yes… they have put out a handful of bad albums), this band’s unending dedication to the power/thrash metal medium is to be applauded. No matter what the flavor of the month is in a musical genre that has gotten progressively more extreme over the years, Overkill maintain their trademark style and continue with “Killbox 13” on an upswing of vitality that was the aggressive kicker on “Bloodletting.” This album took me a few spins to fully digest, but Overkill have kept up the full frontal attack with even more focus on aggressive guitar work/solos. Blitz still sounds strong as he bends his voice into a scathing scream, or more subtle vocal lines as the song warrants the variety. A very metallic/clean production gives these guys the clinical tone they need for the hooky power grooves and Blitz’s sharp vocal rhythms to rip in and sound fresh as each track takes on a life all its own. If you haven’t been able to get into Overkill throughout the years, “Killbox 13” isn’t going to change your mind, but longtime fans will revel in the fact that Jersey’s finest remain true to their roots and have once again come to “Shred”. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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