Orodruin – Sampler

This was handed to me 2 years ago at the Milwaukee Metalfest. Yes, pretty damn sad that I’m just now getting to it, but the mags inactivity and the fact that one person cannot listen to the huge influx of new titles and keep their sanity, will have to suffice as my excuse. New York states Orodruin embrace the down tuned and dreary crawl of traditional doom metal. The bare minimum song ideas that center around barren power chords and Sabbath-esque solo work crawls along with little spark or emotion other than an attempt at musical depression, which turns out to be boredom until the structures become more involved and the band even add some organ lines to “Peasants Lament” for a bit of uniqueness. Add flat pitch singing to Orodruin’s take on metal vs. St. Vitus vs. Pentagram and it is evident that their influences were far more advanced and not afraid to take chances like the monotone procession of the 3 tracks on this sampler. Some colorful solo work or more challenging tempo changes/musical dynamics need to be explored before Orodruin can reach the quality that their music needs to be entertaining at this slug like pace. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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