Axone/Know – Night of Deliverance Split

qb_31003_axoneknowThis is a split CDR in nicely packaged DVD case. Axone I really don’t know anything about prior to this, Know contains a member of The Hollowing for those keeping track. Axone is up first with two tracks both over the 15 minutes mark. The focus ranges from Dark Ambient and creepy minimalism to borderline Power Noise, with slithering analog tones and distant pulses to straight Noise. There is a lot of atmosphere to the tracks and they prefer to work on you with subtlety rather than a lot of out front sonics, it all grows and recedes from the drift. They do build in substantial intensity and noise at time however, and obscured vocals and samples appear in there as well. I like the growth of these tracks, they breathe really well, and remain effective throughout their lengthy duration’s. Know are up next with four tracks… “Vacticidal Misonest” is first with a cacophonous mix of clattering junk noise percussive loops and off kilter melody that eventually breaks down into an all out Harsh Noise loops and textures, this then degrades into ambience and distant vocal loops before returning to the opening cacophony. This theory of organic loops, ambience and harshness runs through the remaining material balancing one off the other and building and subtracting to reach different ends. It comes off well, and with both of these projects the way the pieces develop is well conceived, there are a lot of competing types of sound being used and they surface naturally, and don’t seem tacked on at all. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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