Carpathian Forest – Fuck You All!!!!

carpathianforest_92406_fuckOther than yet another impressive vocal performance from the only remaining original member of Carpathian Forest, I felt that “Defending the Throne of Evil” was this bands first real disappointment (other than the departure of Nordavind). Keyboards on that album simply didn’t cut it. Being too loud in the mix highlighted the cheap sounding nature of the sounds they selected, gave C.F., for the first time in their lifespan, an undeniable commercial slant. It really didn’t sit well with me, nor the sound that this band stands for. I can honestly say that I had zero expectations for “Fuck you All!!!!” since I was left with the assumption that Nattefrost was taking this band in a direction that I dared not follow, leaving the fecal mess and sadistic musical hepatitis to exist within the solo project that shares his longstanding moniker. “Fuck you All!!!!” was a pleasant surprise. Riff work that is interesting, though not too perplexing is all over this album, falling into airy structures that embrace both the traditional Norwegian black metal aesthetic and more of a free punk looseness. Nattefrost’s vocals are once again demented and strange as he wretches and squeals his way through 10 tracks of sadistic and satanic musical torture. Keyboards are thankfully few and far between, infrequently stirring off in the background for sensible atmosphere only, rather than center stage. Nordavind even makes his glorious return as a guest musician on “…Everyday I must Suffer!” with its thrash fueled tremolo picking and acrobatic riff dives. “Fuck you All!!!!” is exactly what I wanted to hear out of Carpathian Forest, and even though this band will likely never rekindle the magic that is “Black Shining Leather”, I am completely satisfied with an entire album of hateful conviction and strong musical compositions that revel in the unsafe disgust that seeps from the core of Nattefrost’s being. You know what I mean… This is one of those bands that has the ability to create music that sounds… well… there’s the feeling in the back of your mind that if you keep listening, you just may catch some sort of scurvy from the unsanitary conditions corrupting the airwaves. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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