Carinou – Bound

up_041904_carinouFor one, I cannot believe that this is in part created and performed by the same Fredrik Soderlund that gave us 3 pure and endlessly raw/hateful/evil Octinomos albums, but it evidently is. Carinou is basically mid 80’s influenced synth pop, or new wave with industrial influences, yet there are distorted guitars lurking beneath the smooth and danceable synth lines. Extreme minded lyrics are presented with a very English accent in a pitch singing delivery that instantly reminds me of The Pet Shop Boys mixed with newer New Order. Some good programming and catchy chorus… on this album makes it hard to hate it. In fact, my 80’s pop worshipping wife seems to really like “Bound.” Ranging from the upbeat tempo of “Vivid,” to more of a dark/depressive on “Purge” and “Whore,” “Bound” kept me listening and interested even though my instincts demanded that I should instantly hate this. Well I don’t hate it. Something this catchy and pop structured, yet maintaining enough of an organic, dare I say “metal” underlying vibe is hard to openly despise, unless you are hanging out with friends and trying to maintain a rugged metal exterior. That was a joke. Anyway, this is going in my wife’s collection and I can honestly say that I will enjoy Carinou the few times she chooses to spin it. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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