Carcass – Choice Cuts

up_062104_carcassOften imitated, but no one could ever come close to the innovative and influential greatness of Carcass. Even though this band streamlined their metal dynamics to evolve out of the goretastic grind destruction for more of a tasteful, if not mature frame of mind (which was in turn their creative downfall), their older works will always twist and chew within my mind and heart as being some of the most important and excellent grind/death ever created. Released with the full cooperation with the band, “Choice Cuts” is a best of collection featuring interviews with Ken Owen and archive material from the band themselves, along with both of their Peel Sessions radio shows (Recorded in 1989/90 respectively). The best of portion of the track listing is in chronological order so after “Exhume to Consume” you won’t become instantly retarded by an intensity shift with tracks like “R**K the Vote” or “This is your Life.” It has been some time since I have spun any Carcass material; so spinning “Choice Cuts” has reminded me how much of a part of the 90’s and my life this band used to be, inspiring a full on marathon of flailing bloody giblets and sonic disemboweling. Isn’t it strange how bands such as this get lost in the shuffle? Sure, I’ve never forgotten about them and will triumph Carcass till my dying day as being one of the best bands ever, but being inundated with so much new music and such little time to take it in along with the classics, the older and truly better stuff gets left behind as we strive to be good consumers and buy up everything with a pentagram or butchered whore on the cover. The older I get, the more I realize that there is nothing new under the sun and bands like Carcass can and will be ripped off, but the quality and conviction will never be the same. If you have all the Carcass material, “Choice Cuts” may be a bit redundant, but the song selections are indeed worthy of a best of compilation, both for putting a lot of rarities in one spot for those of you new to the genital grinder and also for this bands undeniable underground significance. This one makes a killer disc for a road trip. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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