Carcaricass – Killing Process

qb_21003_carcariassYou can instantly tell that France’s 3 piece Carcariass really like their Cynic, Coroner and newer Death CDs and it’s a beautiful thing. The guitar work on “Killing Process” is very sharp with arpeggios that sweep in and out of interesting shifts in time signature. Even the guitar synth points to Cynic, but there is no denying a sense of self brewing in Carcariass’ music. As “Killing Process” forges on, the fret board work becomes more and more impressive. No matter how complex the rhythms get, this band digs in with a busy, though always sensible direction in their playing. Like Cynic, Death and Atheist, who all impressed with their dexterity, but created some memorable melodies within their riff storms, Carcariass have also achieved this perfect balance. The drummers skills are the weakest link and perhaps too simplistic as he holds down the timing with incessant double bass work for the bass and guitar players to leap off into any direction. I found myself missing more complex cymbal fills, or tension releasing tom rolls as the album played out. Certainly this is a small complaint up against a mighty release of finesse and creativity. Add a solid, mid-ranged snarl/rasp that is used sparingly due to the instrumental nature of this album and you will experience why Carcariass is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. “Killing Process” is an impressive achievement. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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