Blessing the Hogs – The Poisoning

qb_92903_blessinghogsThick and chunky metal/sludgecore that’s bloated with a down tuned and metallic guitar tone. The agony portrayed in the vocals is strange and guttural, putting me in mind of Coalesce’s (RIP) screamer who held the mic up to his voicebox/throat, rather than his mouth. The bio throws around the “hardcore” classification which I find is a misleading adjective. “The Poisoning” may have a bit of the HC spirit, but the guitar tone and more burdened, downtrodden tempo BTH slop around in, strikes me more as just a filthy, mean and eclectic metal record. Blessing the Hogs have turned the amps all the way up on this album and the power explodes in the form of swirling feedback when the power chord mayhem subsides on tracks like “Solvent Farmer” and the mighty “Diapause”. Damn good stuff that features producer Billy Anderson on guitar. – Marty GOODFELLOW RECORDINGS

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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