Blind Guardian – Live

up_030804_blind-guardianWe all know that live albums are built upon overdubs, but I will say that if this release is an accurate depiction of Blind Guardian’s amazing sound live, they are indeed the top band in the power metal genre. In fact, this 2 disc set impresses me 10 times more than a good share of their studio efforts. The sound seems so much more vibrant, the synth work is quieter and the gang yelled chorus… aren’t as bothersome/flamboyant. This live CD is predominantly based on the rich vocals of Hansi Kursch (one of the most unique singers in this genre) and the guitars benefit from not being buried behind a wall of keyboards as they were on “A Night at the Opera.” Featuring a great sound, artwork and a huge CD booklet full of pictures documenting Blind Guardian’s 2002/03 tour, this nice package could give “Live After Death” a run for its money. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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