Blodsrit – Helveteshymner

up_051605_blodsritHaving stubbornly clung to their countries black metal influences for 3 albums now, Sweden’s Blodsrit have greatly developed their style to deliver what has become one of the most solid, straight forward and very potent albums that I have heard from this style in ages. “Helveteshymner ” impresses me from start to finish with its concise delivery and very effective songwriting. Blodsrit’s sound is undeniably “Swedish” with those liltingly dense layers of dissonant harmony and an underlying woodland appreciation lurking beneath a great and sawing guitar sound. Where countless bands from their area may wield a similar weapon with an equally similar intent, Blodsrit beat out the competition by using speed wisely. There are many plodding double bass and slower riff moments on “Helveteshymner” that allow plenty of song defining hooks to enter into the picture to give this music some much needed clarity and catchiness, while waves of depressive guitar lines envelope the listener with the unshakable feelings of complete despair. Add a scorching strike of hell vox to this expertly sculpted body of work and “Helveteshymner” comes across in spirit and execution as a product of the early 90’s black metal explosion. Born too late? Absolutely not! From the clear, yet pleasingly filthy production, the extremely airy artwork, all the way through the spacious progressions that offer endless moments of melody that are somehow inspiring in their close minded grimness, to Blodsrit’s mindblowingly original cover of “Solitude” (Candlemass), “Helveteshymner” is a definite monster of an album. Excellent! – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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