Blood – Dysangelium

qb_40603_bloodGermany’s Blood have been at it since 1986… admirable really, but this seems to me like a long ass time to be doing the same old redundant thing, which is 2 minute death grind songs. Sure it works for Napalm Death (occasionally), but such a band possesses so much more depth and intensity than Blood could ever muster. “Dysangelium” is as unimaginative and pointless as it gets as this band hurls themselves into poorly cut up edits, what sounds like poor drum programming (if this is a real drummer, he needs to rethink his sound and skill) and reheated riff ideas that just lay there. Deep vocals are the delivery of choice, with predictable back-up screams thrown in to try and offer some variety as the riffs noodle about in their own down-tuned, 4/4 hell. As soon as Blood just get going on an interesting, mid-paced rhythm (as on “Poison for the Soul”), it’s cut drastically short so they can jump back into the sterile blast work. If only they’d let the ideas build and capitalize on the few strong points they have, Blood could be something more than just another placeholder in the “B” section of your local metal shop. Such is the fate of many bands of this ilk, now isn’t it. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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