Cadaver – Necrosis

up_060704_cadaverBy taking 10 giant steps backwards, effortlessly leaping back 10 years in metal development, Norway’s Cadaver have re-embraced their roots to emerge from the self imposed turbo death affinity that was the “Discipline” CD that came out a few years ago. Yes, for that album they maintained their technical proficiency, but electrically charged every track with a hellish speed that seemed inhuman and an intensity that couldn’t be topped by any other band, and quite possibly even themselves. Honestly, after creating such a memorable album, even with a speed attack bordering on insanity, where does a band go next? Faster? Impossible. More technical? What’s the point when this style of music really needs to have some sort of structure and memorable riff work for the listener to come back to it? Cadaver did what I feel they had to do… they dug back into their past albums such as “In Pains…” and effectively tapped into that state of mind and feel that once made this form of music so exciting. “Necrosis” is an unashamed journey back to the old school. The speed factor has been sacrificed for mid tempo blasts and more of a thrash beat. With less of a dominant focus on percussion, the guitar rhythms carry this entire album with clever movement and interestingly technical hooks that easily stick in your head after only 2 listens. Apollyon’s vocals remain volatile in their mid-ranged rasp but his performance sounds a lot less “black metal” derived, rather adopting a more pissed off shout, which effectively makes his pronunciation even more discernable. The guitar sound comes off as very dry, but it somehow feeds the feeling of an older vibe that voraciously rips through this entire album. I really hope Cadaver obtain the push from their label that they deserve, for this is easily one of the best thrash/death/black metal albums I have heard in a long time. Support! -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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