Cage – Darker than Black

qb_80403_cageYes! Finally a band that chooses to uphold the traditional/power metal aesthetic that denies the painfully cheesy effeminate vocals currently bringing the European scene down with glam rock sensibilities. Not to mix words, Cage possess some mighty metal balls. Sean Peck is a tuneful crooner that has a lot of edge to his voice, offering a Halford level of power, while hurling a lot of intensity through his pipes in a similar manor as a mid 80’s David Wayne (Metal Church). The music is the perfect compliment to his performance, possessing a memorable but deadly strike of heavy metal that cultivates concrete hooks within mid paced tempos before striking out with driving double bass and searing solowork. Every song maintains it’s own personality and with poignant chorus’, make the entirety of “Darker Than Black” full of motion and fire, urging the listener to hit repeat on the CD player when in the mood for expertly scribed metal. Cage soars the middle finger in the air to all the Dream Evil and Sonata Arctica’s of the world with this excellent album. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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