Cea Serin – The Surface of all Things

qb_51903_ceserinThe Surface of all Things
A pretty adventurous mix of sounds here reinforced by a warm production give the jazz-like time signatures of Cea Serin even more room to expand and empower the traditional power metal influenced, though mellow nature of their music. The vocalist possesses a very rich voice that is clean and robust as he thankfully never soars into tornado warning siren capacity, rather keeping his delivery low key and emotive to accent the very passionate material he is strengthening. At times he reminds me of Geoff Tate. Odd time signatures eventually fade away into a smooth yet heavy crunch in the guitars and many interesting twists in the song structures to keep me trained to every note executed by Cea Serin. As the music intensifies and the riff work becomes more aggressive with note based fills, the vocalist matches the incoming tide with more of an abrasive scream. Colorful solo work and very tight drum lines keep each other in check as Cea Serin concentrates on the welfare of the song. It’s obvious the level of musicianship is high, but egos and masturbatory instrumentation are never an issue as each track flows along through ear grabbing, memorable content and originality to set this band leagues beyond so many others in this genre dedicated to stylistic plagiarism. And to think this band remains unsigned while others shit where they eat. One strike against the band… no contact address is provided on the CDR or the inner sleeve art. So as soon as said disc is separated from it’s one sheet, never to be seen again, how is an unorganized reviewer such as myself supposed to pass contact info down to the souls reading this review? Thankfully, the Internet once again provided this information. -Marty
147 Cockerham Rd.
Denham Springs, LA 70726 USA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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