Celestia – Apparitia – Sumptuous Spectre

qb_60903_celestiaFeaturing Noktu of Drakkar/Gennocide Kommando on vocals, Celestia is a rather straight forward black metal entity that prefers mid-paced, double bass plodding progressions and a firestorm of burning melodic dissonance over the brutal killing machine onslaught performed by Noktu’s other band. When a quicker speed register kicks in, it is bloated by tremolo harmonies that provide a tense aura of destruction, further intensified by the throaty, but a bit too loud in the mix, shrieks from Noktu. The melodies do indicate an early 90’s Norwegian appreciation and Celestia spins their craft around the staples of the black metal genre to arrive at woodland atmosphere through apt solo work and airy riff structures. Gothic imagery/photography may put your typical elite grim soldier off the scent, but Apparitia is a solid strike of modern underground (cult) black metal that will stick out amongst the throngs of blind Darkthrone worshippers. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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