Condoms Protect Real Love – Volume One.

Good lord I have landed in the world of the obscure and the strange. Condoms Protect Real Love is a stylish balance of bizarre sex, hate filled noise and tainted industrialized beats. There was no info on this project and no label to look up so finding anything on this project was futile. I just was absorbed into this romping macrocosm of pornographic machine noise ambience. A crumbling filthiness of mercurial noise and mechanical loops. Static induced rambling eroding into a spastic pulsation of screaming and deviling narrative passages. Creeping distorted guitars, fuzz bass looping as a atmospheric static noise grapples between the two. As soon as “Volume One” began to head in one direction, it shifted into a high pitch bleeping, feedback and techno beat that just caught me off guard. Then rupturing back into this crazed rampage of noise once again. I really like the way the album swayed in and out of Noise Ambient and Noise. I found the compelling fixture of vocals and beats looped through out some of the songs inviting and at times a raping of the senses. A mental derailment as each song delved deeper and deeper into a perverse world of violent sexual ambivalence and dementedness. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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