Control – The Means To an End

control_072306_meansGood lord how the times of grace have fallen and the age of unequivocal madness has begun. “The Means To An End” is a surgical disfigurement of Power Noise bliss. From the very beginning of the first track with the metallic screams from women to the horrific channeling of the power electronics Control straps you down to the operating table and begins to gut you in a delightful manner. Injections of power noise burst forth whirling in a static, high and low end arsenal of multi-textural balance. Corrosive layered vocal electric battery detonates like a jack hammer while white noise with snares of beauty travel inexorably through the nervous system of “The Means To An End.” Low end drones stray aimlessly as a rampart of noise, feedback, and layers upon layers of rue samples spray in a hate filled and yet stellar poise. A mental derailment of the sorts as “The Means To An End” continues its attack on to the senses with insectic throbs and pulses, distorted transmissions of screams, high pitch feedback leveling the mind as bass induced atmospheric perversions trample over amplifier revilement. Control is by far one of the eminent Power Electronic projects out there today. Mercilessly striking with a hatred and rage that is imbedded in its sound and complex body structure. Entwined through a coordination compound method of multiple textures and layers of pain staking introspection has paid off time and time again. There are many Power Electronic projects out there that get more credit for very little work or creativity. But what Control affixes into the foundation is amass of desirable work that has been laid out for us to experience. Time and patience is profoundly evident with the arousing cells of noise, textures, and endless levels of atmospherics that dwell within each and every release. So as the calming of the storm approaches and a sense of ease falls over you, listen very carefully. Deep down inside that peace rages a horrific design seeping up from the Earth to crush all that stands in its way. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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