Conspiracy AD – Humanity=Destruction …the End is Near

qb_020904_onspiracyadConspiracy A.D. strike me as competent songwriters as they combine the groovy side of death metal, with a more black tinged, offsetting aggression, but there is something holding me back on Humanity=Destruction from fully being won over by this bands sound. For one, the crunchier moments of their songwriting leaves much to be desired as predictable riffs take me to places I’ve been countless times before. On the bright side, some of these ideas are catchy enough that I don’t feel the immediate need to turn this off. When the band speeds up, the vocals emerge from a deeper moan, to venomous screams for the black metal influence to creep into their sound canvas. Too bad the music really doesn’t follow suit, rather adopting more of a note based, melodic (Swedish) death persona. Once again, some strong musical ideas really benefit this album, but not enough to make me interested enough to spin this much after the fires of my laptop have subsided and this review is lost in the never ending folds of the Internet. This Italian band is like another pale gray face in the crowd, but with a really good/polished studio production. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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