Corporation 187 – Perfection in Pain

qb_31703_corporation187Where newer bands playing modern thrash (like the enjoyable Nail Within) incorporate an old style vibe with their Swedish death influences for well rounded results, Sweden’s Corporation 187 keep their sound firmly rooted in the present. One cannot deny the talent, but the overall sound/delivery is very tired to these ears as Corporation 187 stubbornly cling to “the Gothenburg sound”. Sensible harmonies and impressive fret board trickery spill over into the riffs themselves to emulate a higher strung At The Gates affinity and the vocalist drives this influence even closer to home with a definite Tomas Lindberg level of harshness. All talent aside, the similarity of Corporation 187’s sound to countless other bands in their area takes away from the fact that some of their songs indeed spew an interesting form of intensity and musical competency. I just can’t get past the unoriginality and often dry attack of a sound that burned out 2 years after “Slaughter of the Soul” polluted the creativity of most upstarts in Sweden and abroad. Skilled yet redundant. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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