Corpse Vomit – Raping the Ears of Those Above

qb_80403_corpsevomitPeople have told me how amazing this band is both live and on CD and until I heard this new effort, I can’t say that they blew me away the few times I saw them perform. Granted, both times were at Koshik metal fests and I was likely spent from a long day worth of sensory overload, or they were having an off night. Regardless, “Raping the Ears of Those Above” really clicked with me as it lurched along in technical death metal perfection. The clean bass tone burns up from the core of this material to empower the melodic greatness exploding from the intelligent brutality born at the collective mind of Corpse Vomit. The emotive changes and sensible tempo alterations inspire utter rage when the strenuous blasts swarm, only for cripplingly heavy mids to creep in and destroy with point blank brutality. The vocals are just as diverse and adventurous as the music they are trying to decompose. A discernable mid-ranged snarl effortlessly dips to cavernous lows and sear the speakers with blistering shrieks. Track 3 is most impressive for the doomy and interesting Autopsy influence that so expertly breaks up the song with a lengthy mid section. Even when Corpse Vomit keep the speed at bay, the busy drum work and piercing bass lines really do spice up every note or progression that this band creates. “Raping the Ears of Those Above” is a masterfully monstrous death metal achievement. I’m a new fan of a band that I wish I could have appreciated and understood a long time ago. Is Corpse Vomit the last hope for old styled US death metal? To these ears… YES! – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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