Corpus Mortale – Succumb to the Superior

qb_42803_corpusmortale1Even if Corpus Mortale play an unoriginal form of dark death metal, at least they avoid the often overused American scene moshisms, in favor of an undeniably “Euro” shot of de-tuned melody. “Succumb to the Superior” is very well produced, but rather dry to these ears as the guitar tone seems overly compressed, but the guttural vocals (too loud in the mix) and how C.M. walk the line between colorful moments of note based technicality and a more straight forward crunch, show off the potential of a band that has all the staples of the genre down and working for their advantage. The solo work cuts through the progressions with a stylish flair to offset the grotesque riffage with a hint of virtuoso dexterity. Nice tempo variations and overall content allows this 5 tracker to really grow on the listener and even though this band still needs to find their own sound, Corpus Mortale strikes out against the over saturation of black metal popularity with a decent old school death metal attack. – Marty
Corpus Mortale
Vesterbrogade 29F 3 tv.
1620 Kobenhavn V

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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