Cryptopsy – None so Live (Montreal 2002)

qb_42803_cryptopsyWith new vocalist in tow, Cryptopsy have reemerged from their frontman turmoil with a live album to whet all their fans appetites who are awaiting their next technical firestorm… or is this a get out of label contract quick card? Only the unknown truly knows. It would take a true fan of this band to get excited for a release such as this. The sound is decent enough, but Cryptopsy aren’t Iron Maiden, so track after track of technically impressive, though unmemorable death metal does little to stimulate the desire to hear this material outside of the studio. Ever see this band live before? Every time I have, there has been a handful of people screaming for “Slit Your Guts”. No other track in their arsenal… just “Slit Your Guts”. This song comes from a time where Cryptopsy was far less intricate, though they did mix up more insane moments with memorable riffage. Maybe they should listen to their fans and try to write something that can stick with a person. Once again, the musicianship is right on, but new screamer Martin Lacroix seems to have the same forced and powerless lows that his predecessor Mike DiSalvo did. Face it… Thus far, Lord Worm has been Cryptopsy’s most deadly weapon and as their music becomes more over the top and crazy, they really need someone up front that can match the intensity. Martin falls short. “None so Live” falls short. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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