Atrium Carceri – Cellblock

up_030804_atriumcarceriAtrium Carceri create a rather cinematic style of Dark Ambient, rich textures, with subtle percussive elements, and the crackling and creaking of activity from the shadows. This release appears to focus on mental institutions, and the dreary qualities in the music, and precarious beauty in some of the melodies that arise reflect that well. The pieces are deftly constructed keeping a rather even keel in tone, but incorporating some nice detail sounds, and the production is pristine so every distinction can be made. The use of simple beats at times, synth melodies at others mixed with the layered texture work keeps the album moving forward, and most of the twelve tracks are quite brief. Some in fact so brief that I would have liked them to continue on for another minute or two. “Cellblock” is a moving listen, and easily one of the more stirring releases I have heard from the newer wave of Cold Meat Industry projects in that it does an excellent job of painting the picture and setting an environment. It carries a haunted melancholy through the entire record and builds it up through the delicacy of the details with genuine effect. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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