Cult of Daath – Under the Cover of the Triumphant Holocaust

up_050304_cultofdaathcdStill anxiously awaiting a follow-up from Cult of Daath’s promising debut, “The Grand Torturers of Hell?” Antinomian Records continue their limited releasing of obscure and previously hard to find demo material by placing Cult Of Daath’s “Cover of Darkness” and “Triumphant Holocaust” demos, along with 1 brand new rehearsal track never before released, on one convenient CD. Fans of Hellhammer, Beherit and Von should indeed take note of the blunt and barbaric simplicity of C.O.D. They certainly don’t blaze any new ground with their sometimes plodding, but often destructive sound, but the underground charm and lust for power chord driven dedication and a barren, though burnt out vocal wrath spews hatred throughout their pummeling songs. Certainly more advanced and utilizing a wider array of riff ideas in each song, C.O.D., especially on this demo material, put me most in mind of Von with their blind rage vocal attack. Cult of Daath do break up the blasting fury of their formula with interesting melodies, or the occasionally poignant Celtic Frost plod/rush of powerful movement in the form of a grooved out power chord progression. “Under the Cover of the Triumphant Holocaust” will appeal to fans of unrelenting war metal and even to people like myself who really need to be in the mood for this style of extreme metal, I will say that Cult of Daath break up their ideas and attack effectively enough to keep me interested enough to want to sit through a full-length’s worth of music and still have enough ambition left afterwards to hit play again. This CD features interesting artwork and a unifyingly good sound production to tie both demos together and allow this band to kick everyone’s ass with a leather and spikes clad return to the old school of barbaric death metal. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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