Deadbird – The Head and the Heart

deadbird_052206_theheadThis record has balls. I wouldn’t even think about throwing this into something as open as the word ‘metal’ can be. This is monolithic sludge rock with an atmosphere as thick as the pot smoke that their rehearsal space most likely endures daily. To describe the overall feeling is complicated but almost like the groove of Goatsnake mixed with spastic Eyehategod moments, Neurosis-esque tightness and occasionally some early Scandanavian death metal dual leads into heavy, powerful sludge riffing and serene acoustic passages throughout – but hardly that simple. Loud screaming Marshall cabinets dulled just right for an authentic vibe sit will beside the rumbling bass, intricate and thoughtful drumming and heartfelt blue-collar bellows from three of these four guys with abnormally large testicles. “The Head and the Heart” could be the worst record of the year had it not been recorded or played the way it was. Simple riffs, simple ideas put into a coherent and fluid skeleton of brilliant sound. Gather a group of experienced and passionate audiophile musicians who can be versatile within one style and you will always hear something great. Too often we forget what sound can do for a band (Pelican) as opposed to material – and this record takes both cakes. Pick this up in your dirty work clothes and set it beside your six-pack of ale on your way home to your filthy apartment. No doubt a must-have. – TRA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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