Delirium Tremens – Thrashing Warthogs

delirium-tremens_072306_thr“Thrashing Warthogs” is as real as the crusted stains on the jean jacket of the guy who sold you your first nicklebag in school. These riffs are sharp and nasty. Stopping, starting, chugging, thrashing and constantly slapping you in the face like the bitch you are. These guys are so dedicated to the art of thrash metal that nothing you would normally cringe at a band like this in 2006 appears bothersome. For example, every member’s name begins with “Rowdy” (Rowdy Chambers, Rowdy Bad Bone, etc.) and the song “Death from Behind” with lyrics given “Princessor, Fucks like aggressor, Princessor, Death from behind (No further lyrics – too drunk to…)”. Everyone sounds seasoned and every instrument contributes a balanced sound. The drums sound exactly as they would in a beer-soaked basement. Huge hits and a perfect lo-fi snare sound. If you are a fan of real thrash or beer slugging metal I couldn’t discourage you from picking this up. None of your friends are going to tell you to “take this shit out”. If they do, they were never your real friends to begin with. – TRA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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