Devillock – These Graves

devillock_92406_thesegravesI was just telling Marty that I was slightly irritated because, “I have this pile of noise to review that just sounds like…. noise. Like any other noise.” Then I happened to pick this cd from the pile, put it in the player and now feel the distinct need to eat those words. These days, it seems like any kid with a computer and fruity loops considers him/herself a noise musician. Justin Meyers of Devillock distinguishes himself from the mediocre masses with the release These Graves, or, if one combines the track titles, “The Blood From,” “These Graves,” “Weigh Forever,” “On Rotten Creatures”. To me, the mark of a good noise, experimental, or ambient disc is the ability to make me uncomfortable. To take me out of the daily comfortable reality and make me feel fear, dread, hate, melancholy – this is the reason I listen to noise. These Graves combines drones, static, metallic screeching, and other (less discernible) sounds to create a solid, cohesive noise/ambient release. It won’t go down as one of my absolute favorite albums of all time, but at least it restored some of my faith in the genre. There’s definite potential here – I’d be interested to hear Devillock’s future efforts. – Christine Lett

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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