Devilry – Muslim Genocide

devilry_052206_muslimHere we have a nifty little CD-R promotional packet for a new Devilry seven-inch EP. I normally disagree with and/or flat out laugh my ass off at the B.S. printed in promotional packets, but in this case I would actually like to quote a line from one because I feel it is accurate and I completely agree with it, so here goes; “Devilry firmly upholds the tradition and legacy of extreme underground metal by crafting relentless, crushing, ripping violent death metal”. For those of you out there that are familiar with Devilry’s past works you can expect more of the same, but with a few minor changes. Sharper, more focused song-writing for example. Also, there has been a slight shift in the vocal delivery of Sir Holm from the more bizarre Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene) style to a more refined Pete Helmkamp (Angel Corpse) style tongue-lashing. The Production has been upped several notches as well. The lyrics remain as intelligent as they are offensive, although the primary subject matter has changed to reflect the apparent theme of this EP. My only complaint in regard to the band Devilry is their apparent inability to get a full-length album recorded. Perhaps they just haven’t been offered a deal for one yet. If so, I for one certainly wish that some wise record label out there would scoop these guys up and give them the support they need to get a proper full-length record out. I believe that the strength of their back catalogue speaks for itself and that the release of “muslim genocide” only continues to add to that strength. – Lance Rogers

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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