Hate Profile – Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile

hateprofile_052206_opusA complete paradox. The music lacks both Hate and any kind of framework that a profile would, indeed, entail. Also, the cover of the album is a profile of Amon 418’s face just above his Burzum shirt. Hardly consistent unless it marks the beginning of a record that goes in so many directions that the mere idea of consistency is lost. This holds true as “The Khaos Hatefile” lends itself to any number of styles. Opening with a simple and effective clean guitar diddy and accompanied by sampled sounds of rain and other typical eerie, dismal sounds associated with the “get ready for the shit!” metal intro. This carries into the first song “Bleeding Black Heart” which offers some black/thrash riffing and slower, more groove orientated moments as well as some very welcomed speedy twin-guitar leads ala mid-era Hypocrisy. The guitar riffs tend to alternate with no regard to any style of metal but maintain a tone that allows even the occasional dissonant, post-black metal chord strumming room to evolve and grow. The problem with much of the material is that it is very predictable and I am constantly reminded that I’ve heard this record before. Seeing as this is a debut, there will be much room for evolution should the creator decide to outgrow some of the many styles he seems to adore and instead focus on his own strengths as a writer such as the riffing on “The Darkened Angel”. The album is solid and tight, but more or less lacking any identity. It is incredibly obvious that the session drummer did what he needed to without adding any flavor or texture to the overall sound, which could be said for the vocals as well. Perhaps finding someone to permanently join this project would be fitting to the almost non-existent stylistic approach. Direction is the weakest link to an otherwise impressive debut. – TRA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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