Gruntsplatter – The Aberrant Laboratory

gruntsplatter_052206_aberraWhen the winds of death and disease travel over the face of the Earth and the last of mankind hides inside filth-ridden sanctuaries, the murderous soundtrack of demise will be Gruntsplatter. This album is a masterful piece of work. Invading immediately with scornful feedback which deems that those who venture any further will be subject to vivid images of darkness and dismay. The Aberrant Laboratory draws no boundaries and holds nothing back as this entity envelops you in a spacescape ambience while thick and massive swarms of frequencies fall into a moldering distorted drone. At one point you hear a devilish circus type organ playing in the atmospheric static. Other times the wash of white noise titanically emerges and collapses down like a avalanche of rotting bodies suffocating all that’s in its path. Pulsating textures mixing with a wall of hostile feedback, metallic screams and spaced out keyboard melodies fundamentally draw back the curtain to reveal the horror that waits inside. Thundering waves of black sooty distortion and bleak depths of death ambience crush the elements of the foundation that divides noise and dark ambience. This album does exactly that. A merciless eeriness dwells within The Aberrant Laboratory. Inducing visions of horrifying medical atrocities and ancient secrets of disease ravaged wastelands, cut into the mind with twisted surgical brilliance. This year alone I have yet to come across an album with this much intrigue, power, and talent. I have always looked forward to hearing what Gruntsplatter is going to unleash, and there is nothing like The Aberrant Laboratory. An amazing approach to utilizing mixtures of high end and low-end feedback, creeping keyboards, and moments of malevolent beauty. By taking both noise and dark ambience and formulating a festering diabolical design, Gruntsplatter lets loose an album upon humanity that is easily the best of the year. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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