Yoko Sato – Searching For My Recording Engineer

up_051704_yokosatoThis is a CDR release featuring three guitar noise improvisations, and one of guitar and voice all recorded on the same day. The first is rather noisy and busy, but due to the amount of reverb applied, and the droning elements that come through it isn’t harsh or grating. The second piece embraces the power of the whammy bar, and isn’t as effected with delay and reverb as the previous one, but instead is quite raw. That ultimately leaves this sounding more or less like a roomful of beginners trying to play guitar with mittens on. It is noisy and chaotic and jumbled, but it doesn’t have any real tangible core to it that draws you in. The third piece, brings back the more atmospheric elements and combines it with an erratic pseudo structure, as a female voice wails and screams in the middle of the mix. It’s got a twisted and haunted feel to it that works pretty well. The fourth and final track is more in line with the second piece, stripped down with not a lot to grab on to. So half of this I liked the other half seemed unnecessary, would have made a nice 7″. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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