Iovae – W / K.R.ZOG – The Green Tape

At times when the weird and obscure cross my path I tend to grow wary of what is in store for me when I first start listening to it. Iovae W / K.R.Zog is very much that bizarre little journey that we all have to make when it comes to listening and reviewing music. This is one of the first of many, and when I mean many releases from HUNG LIKE A HORSE?! I mean many. “The Green Tape” has elements of organic textures, settle noise and live recordings. Most of the release probes the proposed experiences of cut ups and aimless shots of noise. There’s not much more to this album but that. Shifting in a profoundly large measure and having really no direction I just felt a little annoyed by how much time they could’ve spent on this album rather than throwing all this together haphazardly. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some good parts to this release. But “parts” are all I can come up with when taking the time to dissect what was transcribed. Sounds of lawnmowers, stereo field static, and distorted samples are just an outline to “The Green Tape”. There was just no profound structure or direction. Even when a very catchy percussion loop is implemented into the mix of things the same mis-direct habits take place. Almost like they start the drum machine on, and turn the tv on and walk away. That being so, an awesome heavy low end drone fades in entirely getting my interest once again. But then in the underscore of the track there’s this cartoony like chatter for which kills the whole feel you think they’re going to take. If you like projects like this, then it’ll be right up your alley. Yet it just wasn’t my cup of tea. – K


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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