Xombie – S/T

qb_40603_xombieI’d heard a lot of good stuff about this release online and was pleased to see it show up for review. This is a minimally packaged CDR from Snip-Snip like some of the other releases reviewed in this issue, basic but gets the job done. Xombie create heavy, with a capital “H” analog synth drones. There isn’t a lot of depth or evolution to these tracks, but the end result is still quite effective. Deep low end analog distortions cycle away in an increasingly hypnotic repetition. It’s a full and monolithic presentation that draws you in and swells up around you. These eight tracks are all utterly simplistic, but there is just something contagious about them. Intellectually I’m surprised I like this as much as I do because of how basic it is, but sonically it hits the spot. The tracks don’t have any titles listed, but track three, stands out among my favorites, hefty low end throb, dissected by a cutting higher frequency. Track four is based around another bass driven loop with atmosphere and grit swirling and swelling subtly behind it. This basic idea is the root of most of these tracks, yet they all stand on their own and don’t get redundant. The almost rhythmic looping and cycling with the rich tones and overall ominous feel create a complete listen despite the simplicity of the construction. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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