Koji Asano – Zoo Telepathy

kojiasano_052206_zooSo I can be such a geek for Japanese noise and ambience. Koji Asano is an delectation into his world of unbalance and chaos that is a path into a universe of dreaming that allows the living to have fantasies to become real and the path back to reality a memory. All the while a serging outlet of beautiful noise and constructing balance of ambient distancing allows a further marker of where the glorious orient reposes and the great states begin. Koji Asano haunts the dreams of listeners with a disengaging approach to carrying you away into a land of chaos and a celestial attack on the human senses. Growing considerably quick as the path of distances to wonder and structure are quickly brought down to permit of extraterrestrial overture to his work. Violins, horns, and a number of other classical instruments collapse down upon one another in a violent vision into noise ambience. Bitch if you will at the abstract description, but this obscure and dismal piece will intoxicate a drive into a wondrous domain that maliciously deadens the minds to the listeners and brings what exists inside to the surface. Vividly this piece of work is hard to delineate into words like “Sanctuary on Reclaimed Land”. Believe me when I say the brilliant have out done themselves. Because this piece of work has no way shape or form a description to bringing an understanding to what Mr. Asano had in mind. Bravo Mr. Asano, bravo. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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