Luasa Raelon – The Poison City

luasaraelon_072306_poisonFrom the very beginning of “The Poison City” I smiled a devil-ish grin. The floaty swaying of the synthesizers, to the controlled direction of the guitar feedback and much more drew me in and sent me roaming through the damnable streets of decay, disease, and salvation. Corrosive metal scrapings, phantasmal echoing, steel banging and atmospheric textures haunt “The Poison City”. Heavy bass compulsions rumble over the desolate massive soundscape, while fleeting spirits of guitar howls, spectral cries from layers of keyboard and direful thick drift collapse down into a vortex of sound and texture. Explosions reverberating in the underscore as erratic pulsations of static missfire in and out over low end noise. Celestial guitar fade in and out as flesh scathing scrapings of metal, deep machinery like hissing, waverings of malignant sirens going off in the distance. This album has just a settle gentle sweep to it, but has this imperiling spirit to it as well. Clocking in at over forty seven minutes and only being five tracks, the sound structure is of the essence. “The Poison City” is thought through patiently, constructed intelligently and holds nothing back. David Reed has unagitated his methods when it comes to creating amazing Dark Ambient/Death Industrial soundscapes and I for one am very pleased to know that there are individuals out there taking their time and creating by artistic means. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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