Nadja – Bodycage

nadja_072306_bodycageNadja is a project of Aidan Baker, prolific solo artist and member of the revolving-door project ARC. While his solo material ranges from experimental ambient to post-rock, Nadja tends to stay firmly rooted in metallic drone/doom soundscapes. With Bodycage, the listener is taken on an especially disconcerting journey into the mind of someone afflicted with a rare disorder in which connective tissue inexplicably turns to bone. This extremely rare congenital disease is called Fibrodyplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) and there is no known cure or effective treatments. Eventually, the bone growths fuse joints, causing total immobility. The feeling of being unable to move is conveyed through the music so effectively that the listener is rendered immobile as well. The droning soundscapes produce an indescribable sense of foreboding, then fear, then panic. Describing the actual sounds on the album is beside the point – it can’t be dissected into instruments, influences, or intentions. It’s a series of basic human fears disguised as sounds. The only possible complaint I have about this album is that it overstays its welcome. It could easily be condensed into a mini-album, retaining its qualities and keeping its momentum. Instead, the effectiveness of the album wears off as it drones on. Also, the album is composed of three tracks with two bonus (unrelated) recordings. These two tracks are out of place, which is especially jarring on a concept album. Length aside, this album is a testament to the affect of music on the body and mind. Those interested in haunting sound structures and the interplay of senses should seek out this release. – Christine Lett

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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