Melechesh – Emissaries

melechesh_090407_emissariesWith the exacting, machine like precision of new drummer Xul in tow, Melechesh emerge from what seems like a lengthy slumber, with yet another very vibrant strike of Mesopotamian black metal to add to the unfurled scroll that is their impressive catalog. “Emissaries” continues to manifest Middle Eastern time signatures and a very eclectic flow in the percussion/music, just like we’ve experienced on every one of their albums previously. Sumerian themes both lyrically and musically create a unique and cultural vibe for the body of this album to build and destroy with brilliant dynamics. One moment, the Egyptian sounding melodies and the back beat driven percussion inspire visions of a smoke filled palace where a dozen veiled dancers are fervently spinning and gyrating to the beat, only for pummeling blast beats and a turbo death inspired swarm of riff intricacy, hurls this music at the listener in a blinding assault of a sand storm raging across desolate plains the next. A snarled and torn screaming style leads the charge into battle for the majority of this album, but chanted background pitch vocals do step in on occasion for the chorus’ to further demonstrate Melechesh’s heart and musical influence lies in their Israeli home/culture. “Emissaries” is a very well produced and composed album that will appeal to fans of Absu and the like, due to this bands magical intensity and undeniable creative influence since Proscriptor was once a member of this band. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it I say, and Melechesh are simply one of those really good/tight bands that definitely have their own sound and are quite comfortable working within the seemingly open minded confines of said sound. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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