Are You God? – O Ep Espelho De Carne

qb_42803_areyougodThis is a 5 song MCD, one of which is just a extended sample to open the disc. After that a barrage of hi quality Brazilian Grind bursts forth and shakes you for the remainder. This is well written, energetic and ripe with power. The blasts are furious and well complimented by the gravely screams, slower moments add emotional balance and are dusted with growls. There are a couple more “head bobbing” groove parts as well, but they do seem to try and make the slower riffs useful beyond simply letting the drummer’s eye’s refocus, particularly on “Sentimentos (Help Yourself)”. Sentimentos… The Freshmaker now with aphrodisiac… This is just really solid and well done, and the enthusiasm and drive of the tracks sells the hell out of it. It’s got a raw production that sounds great but still has an edge that too many bands lack these days, and I like the presence of the bass in the mix. Well worth checking out. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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